June 19, 2011

No guts, no glory.

I give my first college level lecture tomorrow. I'm going to try and put into practice a lot of the teaching/communication techniques and ideas (active learning, personalizing communication with the audience, etc. etc.). I spent some time on the lecture and going through the slides and hopefully I'm not going to be guilty of Powerpoint abuse. I'll do some things on the white board, I'll get participation from the students and hopefully engage them. Of course, I need to make sure I can maintain and make eye contact. I hope it'll come naturally as I just feel confident in what I'm saying and doing. Not looking people in the eye is a bad habit I've been trying to break for a very long time. While I'm going for it in class, I'm trying to do a similar thing in lab and with my career. At least I'm not as inhibited as I have been in the past. So no guts, no glory. Let's go.

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