October 5, 2011


I'm steadily working to produce content. Teaching statements, research statements, figures, manuscripts and other things scientists are supposed to produce. I'm trying to work steadily on that, though I am finding I still have a major mental block in the way. So I'm writing a blog post instead. It's my creative outlet for the evening and one of the few I feel I have generally. I know part of my block is that I don't permit myself to do things- at work or in life. I'm slowly getting to a place where I allow myself to do what I want to do and what will satisfy me, but that's still a work in progress. I'm writing this on the evening that Steve Jobs passed away. I've followed him over the years and he clearly was someone who was bold, took chances and had vision that he brought into existence in the form of Apple. He also seemed to be able to let go and fire on all cylinders. I'm trying to have some small part of that in my own life. So my creativity list: don't be afraid to fail- that's a big one...trial and error work is the way to go. Do things I love; at work and in life away from the lab. And follow my intuition and not go against every feeling I have. Even if getting in touch with that might be difficult. And with this probably incoherent and badly written post, I'm going to bed and tomorrow I continue to work on bringing Ian 2.0 fully to life.

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