April 11, 2012

I'm back. And different

I know I'm a horrible blogger- no posts in over a month. I won't attract followers by blogging so infrequently. But that's OK by me. That's not why I started this blog anyhow (who am I talking to now? Maybe I'm a crazy person).

This last month, I've been transforming into a more satisfied postdoc in some ways. I started using the don't break the chain method of productivity. It is working, though i'm finding I don't always have all the time in the world to specifically devote to each task. The goals I'm following are all in the broad category of getting myself out into the world; at work, in a job search I haven't had a lot of time to do and cleaning my apartment, one little bit at a time. It, like me, is a constant work in progress.

I'm also reading "The Happiness Project" which has some good points to make, though the life the Gretchen Rubin is absolutely different from mine, it is illuminating to see an actual human being go through the struggles of becoming happier.

I also ordered, framed and hung this poster on my wall, which I hope will serve as inspiration to me for the rest of this year. The opening line is "This is your life. Do what you love and do it often.

I ran a personal best in the Shamrock Shuffle 5k last month on St. Patrick's Day. I completed a teaching series workshop and have seen, by reviewing a video of myself, a huge improvement in my teaching and presentation style. And science is interesting again- my science and that of others. I'm trying to get a story together still and am feeling more motivated to do that (though the energy is still missing a lot of days).

So I'm back. And better. Many challenges remain, it still doesn't feel like I've really moved the Earth under my feet just yet, but hopefully good things are still in store for this year; and I'm going to attempt to blog about them more often, if only for myself. For some reason, I find writing this fun. I'm doing this instead of my dishes (or working- even though I'm exhausted and it's 11pm- always more work I feel I should be doing).

Since I'm probably the only one who reads this, you can look forward to more frequent updates from my brain.

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