June 12, 2012


I have trouble writing a lot of the time. It's something I don't practice often enough I feel (how many weeks has it been since I've written a post here?). I know one of the impetuses for this blog was to practice writing more often, but it hasn't exactly translated into writing manuscripts or figure legends or cover letters or other kinds of things I write. I wrote an abstract for a conference and sent it to my PI for editing...the copy he returned sounded so much better than what I wrote. I guess I provided the raw material, but still wish I could turn what I write into glowing language. This blog is mostly one off posts with minimal editing (I do read over what I write and try to make it sound good. I do try to read what I write out loud though it is hard to make a habit of it. I feel silly doing it. Maybe if I ever figure out how to read my writing aloud and get organized about the message I'm trying to convey (another challenge!) my writing will get a lot better. Writing about writing. How meta. And since brevity counts in science, I'll stop this post here.

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  1. We share a bad habit of too many eclipses (great mind think alike?)


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